Picture of Courtney, mobile interaction designer, smiling and wearing a hat.


I’m a Seattle native who’s worked in the interactive design space for the last eight years. I specialize in user experience and visual design for mobile devices, be they native apps or responsive websites, and enjoy creating and iterating on features as part of a diverse, cross-functional team. Check out my work and reach out if you think I’d be a good fit for your creative team.

REI mobile retail campaign landing page designs, Courtney Comfort

REI Mobile Campaigns

REI iPad home and shop products screens, UX interaction design Courtney Comfort

REI iPad App

REI digital retail mobile product detail page redesign, shown across four iPhones, UX interaction design Courtney Comfort

REI Product Detail Page

Microsoft Remote Desktop app for Android shown an on a phone and tablet by Courtney Comfort

Microsoft Remote Desktop Apps

© Courtney Comfort 2019     ///     mr.courtneycomfort@gmail.com
© Courtney Comfort 2019    ///    mr.courtneycomfort@gmail.com