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Courtney Comfort

Visual Interaction Designer

The Project / Client:

Microsoft Remote Desktop

The Challenge:

To continually improve Microsoft’s Remote Desktop apps, providing an experience that’s better aligned to each platform and while positively representing the Microsoft brand on competitor devices.

My Solution:

As a strong advocate for our users, I drove our engineering and program management teams to adopt standard controls, patterns, and best practices on each app platform, enabling experiences that look and feel native to each device. During the two years I worked on this product, I created countless wireframes, hi-fidelity comps, and detailed design specs, leading our teams to a new level of design consistency and ease of use across our applications.

Check out the Remote Desktop experiences and connect to your Windows PC from your Mac (beta), iPhone & iPad, or Android.

My Role:

As the primary designer for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android apps, I was responsible for refining the user experience, flows, and visual design of the apps while collaborating with our researchers to respond and iterate based on user-study findings and telemetry. This included a complete redesign of the Android app to incorporate Google’s Material Design language.

Collaborative with:

Rachel Shepard, David Walker, Brian Oakley, & Paul Sim