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Courtney Comfort

Visual Interaction Designer

The Project / Client:

H. G. Wells, The War of the Worlds

The Challenge:

To reformat an existing text for a new generation while exhibiting the ability to comprehend and manage the work-flow and production process for a large, multi-page document. The challenge was to interpret the author's written language into a meaningful visual form using the basic principles of traditional book design and typographic etiquette.

My Solution:

The strict graphic qualities and severe contrast of my design reflect our tendency to distill all armed conflicts to good verses evil. Other graphic elements, such as the solar eclipse progression proceeding each chapter foreshadow the rise and fall of opposing power and reminds us that nothing truly lasts forever.

My Role:

This individual project involved the cover-to-cover design, layout and printing of an entire volume including the title mark and dust-cover design, chapter illustrations, and the macro & micro type layout of all pages. We even handled the printing of signatures and cased-in the volumes ourselves.