Thanks for your visit. My name is Courtney—nice to meet you!
I wear lots of black v-neck tees and love coffee, dogs, and karaoke. If you’re here to check out my work, this site has samples and case studies so you can get a peek into my thinking and process. For all the nitty-gritty details on my skills and work history, check out my resume. While you’re at it, read what colleagues say about working with me in the recommendations section of my LinkedIn profile. If you have questions about my work, please email me at mr.courtneycomfort@gmail.com.

I prefer to be involved in the end-to-end design process, from concepting and wireframes, through to high-fidelity visuals and the creation of production assets and supporting materials. I find user-studies totally thrilling and appreciate the opportunity to validate and iterate on design approaches as we move closer to a final product. I also do a fair amount of front-end development and am happy to contribute those skills in any way that can help move a project forward. At REI and Microsoft I took on full-stack design roles and I like to see and support projects through final production.

I teach in the design program at Seattle Central and recently started a new role as Studios Design Lead for Allovus. I'm not currently accepting freelance projects, but our talented and versatile Studio Team at Allovus is always on the lookout for new creative collaborations. Check out our work and services or get in touch and learn if we'd be a good fit for your project.

When I’m not collaborating with clients on their design challenges, I design posters for free at Posteraweek.com. Creating posters is a fulfilling way to for me to work on real projects for people without access to professional design services.

© 2020 Courtney Comfort      ///     mr.courtneycomfort@gmail.com
© 2020 Courtney Comfort    ///    mr.courtneycomfort@gmail.com